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Millions are birthed in your mind & made through your Business!

The only way to secure and grow your millions is through legal protection.


Protect Your Vision!

Do you want to look up one day & see someone using your ideas, making money off of your ideas without you receiving your share of the profits?

Protect & Grow Your Profits, Brand, and Business!

Are You Un-Secured?

As a visionary that is creating courses, coaching programs, presentations, apps, books and speaking in various locations, you don’t want to become an Un-Secured business owner—here is what I mean…


You don’t want someone to:

Take your ideas and use them as their own & therefore take your $$$

Create a business similar or even the same as yours and act like it’s their own
& therefore take your $$$

Use your content, courses, and presentations without proper compensation &
therefore take your $$$

Make money off of your live or virtual presentations without royalty payments to
you & therefore take your $$$

Fine or penalize you because you are not in compliance with state and federal
laws AND therefore take your $$$

Keep & Grow Your Money!

Gain immediate access to a trustworthy attorney without the expensive retainer fees so that you are protecting your path to millions!


Services Offered


Licensing Services

Use licenses to make more $$$ off of your courses, workshops and trainings.


Trademark Services

Trademark your business name, ideas, podcasts, courses & programs!


Copyright Services

Copyright your books, presentations, course content, e-books more!


Contract Services

Ensure you have attorney drafted contracts specific to your business & its needs!


Formation Services

Start your LLC, corporation or nonprofit corporation in full compliance!


Other Services

Employment, Compliance and Monitoring Protection!

Jamila Moore is counsel for Valencia Gardens, LLC. As counsel, she has helped me determine what risks are associated with certain opportunities and what rights I should always add to my negotiations. Early on she always reminded me, ‘Do not sign anything without me reading it!

Valencia Clay

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